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A pus-filled small abscess or boil on the finger tip, usually next to the nail is called 'whitlow'.


'Whitlows' can be caused by a virus or by a bacterium that enters the body through a cut. People who work in water, like washermen are likely to suffer more.

Sings & Symptoms

  • The finger around the nail swells and becomes painful to touch
  • A blister of pus may develop alongside the nail.
  • In a more severe infection, the skin around the nail is also affected.
  • Fever and sleeplessness occur.

Herbal Medicines

  1. Make a suitable hole in a lemon fruit. Thrust the affected finger inside the lemon for 30 minutes a day for relief.
  2. A poultice prepared from rice flour and linseeds (Linium ussitatissimum), when applied on the affected finger gives prompt relief.

Method of Preparation

Grind well alivithu seeds with lemon juice or cold water and prepare poultice (pastelike) by adding required quantity of rice flour.

Ayurvedic Remedies

Available over the counter for this are Triphala Guggul. 2 pills twice a day with water should be taken for 15 days.

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