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Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

This is also known as premenstrual tension, a term encompassing the emotional and physical symptoms that affect women in the days leading up to their monthly period.

In depressed women, it manifests in its worst form.

Ayurveda views this painful menstruation as Rajah Krichhra.

Lower pelvis in Ayurveda is considered as the main location of Apanavata, which is responsible for elimination of menstrual blood, stool, urine, etc. Women having a tendency towards constipation or those who do not develop healthy bowel habits, are usually prone to this type of complaint.

As such Ayurvedic physicians suggest a purgative about two days before the scheduled date of onset of periods.


  • Exact cause is still unknown.
  • Many feel that PMS is due to hormonal changes that take place during the period.
  • Depression over long periods.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Depression & fatigue.
  • Aggression and tearfulness.
  • Breasts may become tender and feel heavy.
  • Bloated tummy.
  • Swollen ankles.
  • Back-ache, head-ache and pain in the lower abdomen.
  • The problems usually occur a few days before bleeding, but they can start upto 2 weeks before and continue during the period itself.

Herbal Medicines

  1. Crush the leafy pulp of Aloe vera, to express fresh juice. Taking 5 teaspoonful of juice well mixed with 2 tsf of pure honey twice a day for 40 days gives good and long lasting relief from PMS.
  2. The cold infusion prepared from lemon grass with the powder of black pepper in dosage schedule of 2 to 4 ozs is effective.
  3. Ajwain 5 gm mixed with a small quantity of gur taken with warm water twice or thrice daily gives good relief.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Kumari Asava - an oral liquid is highly useful in this condition. It contains mainly Aloe vera, and other anti-spasmodic, digestive ingredients. This should be taken in doses of 20-30ml with equal quantity of lukewarm water twice a day. This should be continued for 2 to 3 cycles to get complete and long lasting relief. It is a well tried and safe drug.
  2. Ashokarishta 20ml with 20ml water taken twice daily after ½ hour of meals for 2 to 3 cycles.
  3. M2 tone tablet/syrup (Charak) is an excellent preparation for PMS.
  4. Cystone tablet (Himalaya Drugs) is very effective in controlling PMS.
Do's & Don'ts
  1. The last week of menstrual cycle is a crucial one. During this period one should not take anything that causes constipation.
  2. Vegetables like potato, brinjal, should be avoided. Garlic should be taken regularly. This checks gas formation.
  3. Avipattikara Churna 10 grams should be taken with lukewarm water 2 to 3 days before the expected date.
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