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Burns cause serious injury to body tissues caused by heat, chemicals or radiation. However heat is the most common cause. There is severe risk of infection with burns because it damages the skin's protection against germs.

Even though there are a number of classifications of burns, area and depth-wise classification is important from treatment point of view.

Area: The area of burn gives a rough guide as to whether or not a casualty is likely to suffer shock. The greater the area involved, the higher the possibility of shock, because of greater fluid loss. For example an average adult with a superficial burn covering 9% or more of the body surface will need hospitalisation.

Signs & Symptoms

A minor burn causes painful reddening and blistering. A severe burn leaves a painless white or charred area.

Burning Sensation

It is usually felt on the palms and soles.

Herbal Medicines

The affected area should be placed immediately under a steady flow of cold water for at least 10 minutes or until the pain stops. If a blister forms, it should not be pricked as -it will leave the raw skin open for infection.

  1. Spread a thin layer of the pulp of Aloe vera, (a jelly like substance) or its juice over the affected area twice a day.
  2. Pure turmeric powder can also be applied with some honey.
  3. The ointment prepared from the ash of dry coconut and coconut oil is a very useful application over burns.
  • Burning Sensation
  1. The poultice of henna (mehndi) leaves made with vinegar (kanjee) or lemon juice is very useful and gives prompt relief.
  2. The paste made of the leaves of Vitex nigundo (Nirgundi) applied on the feet gives quick relief.
  3. The ointment prepared with pure ghee 250gm mixed with 12gm each of raal and white jeera gives immediate relief.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Sindooradi Lepa, a market preparation available in the ointment form can also be applied over the burnt areas to prevent infections.
  2. The mixture of the white of an egg and the powder of the gum of the babul tree with coconut oil is applied as an ointment over the burn.
  3. The juice extracted from the stem of plantain tree can also be applied.
  4. In case of severe and major burns, medical attention is required. Only minor burns should be treated with home remedies.
  • Burning Sensation
  1. Hima Sagara Taila is a specific medicated oil to be applied over burning feet. It immediately cures the burning sensation and is easily available at Ayurvedic stores.
  2. Chandanadi Taila is also useful for application.
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