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Atherosclerosis, popularly known as AS, denotes hardening of the arteries. This condition gradually builds up due to fatty deposits known as cholesterol and minerals collected in the walls of the arteries and render them less elastic and narrower. Because of this decrease in arterial diameter, blood flow is reduced, and gradually cuts off the supply of blood to heart, brain, muscles or kidneys.

The Major Killer

  1. Atherosclerosis is responsible for more deaths than any other cause.
  2. 1/3 of deaths occur due to it.
  3. Heart-attacks, strokes, and cramps develop because of the hardening and narrowing of
    the major arteries.


This can be prevented, if all the causative factors, stated above are removed.


Overeating of high animal-fat diet and refined sugar can lead to the hardening of arteries. Lack of exercise or physical activity, high cholesterol levels in the blood and cigarette smoking make the artery walls more permeable so that they are more likely to build up cholesterol and fat. Stress is also said to be a cause.

The natural ageing process also contributes to the causation of atherosclerosis.

Signs & Symptoms

If the narrowing of the arteries reduces blood supply to the heart, brain, kidneys, muscles etc., these organs will not function properly, causing angina, hypertension, leg cramps and other disorders.

Further, these narrowings may cause blood to stick to the artery wall and clot there. If the clot is in the heart (thrombosis), it can cause a heart-attack. If it is in the brain circulation, it can cause a stroke.

Herbal Medicines

Once atherosclerosis is suspected, the diagnosis can be confirmed by further investigations.
Treatment has to be taken under expert medical supervision.

  1. Garlic is one of the most useful home remedies in this condition. It is useful as a preventive as well as a curative. Many researchers confirmed these benefits.
  2. Rasona Ksheeram an Ayurvedic formulation, that can be prepared at home is to be taken daily. Rasona means garlic and Ksheeram indicates milk.

Method of preparation:

Take 5 grams of raw garlic cloves, remove the outer layers and the inside pedicels, and soak in 50ml buttermilk for 6 hours. Then wash and put them in 200 ml of milk. Boil the milk till ¼ of the quantity approximately (i.e., 50ml) is remaining. Filter it and add some sugar if one is not a diabetic and consume as a single dose at bed time daily.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Guglip is the drug of choice 1 tab. twice daily.
  2. Punarnava Guggulu 2 tab. twice daily with warm milk or water.
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