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Normal vaginal discharge should be differentiated from the so-called white discharge. Just as the degree of sweating differs in various people, the degree of vaginal discharge also differs considerably in various women. Most women do not know these variations, and a number of ailments like backache, weakness, joint pains and all ill-health in general are often attributed by them to the so-called 'white discharge'. Some doctors are also inclined to endorse their thinking.


The common local causes of leucorrhoea are:

  • Trichomonal vaginitis
  • Monilial vaginitis and
  • Cervicitis

Signs & Symptoms

Trichomonal Vaginitis: It is the most local cause of leucorrhoea with a history of yellowish and frothy discharge, and the presence of itching locally more or less confirms this. Sometimes, the husband of the patient also develops itching of the penis after a sexual intercourse. Monilial Vaginitis: This occurs in any case of leucorrhoea where the patient is a diabetic or is pregnant or is receiving antibiotics or oral contraceptive pills.

Cervicitis: This is the third most common local cause of leucorrhoea, with associated problems like back pam.

Herbal Medicines

  1. A warm vaginal douche with Triphala water is highly beneficial. Take 20 grams of Triphala powder, add to 2 litres of water and boil for 15 minutes-filter it and use as douche, when it is tolerably hot.
  2. Cold hip bath: Similarly a cold hip bath twice a day is also useful in removing the morbid matter.
  3. Fenugreek seeds: These are useful when a tea like decoction is made from these seeds and taken internally.
  4. Tandulodaka (rice-wash) is very useful for douching.
  5. The decoction of bark of Lodhra is also used for the purpose of douching.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Pushyanuga Churna-a powdered medicine is highly useful in leucorrhoea­3 grams of this powder should be taken twice a day with a cup of milk or rice wash.
  2. Ashokarishta is also effective. This oral liquid can be taken internally in the dosage form of 20ml+20ml water, twice a day along with Pushyanuga Churna.
  3. Lukol tablet (Himalaya Drugs) 1 to 2 tablets twice daily.
  4. Femiforte tablet (Charak) 1 tablet twice daily.
  5. Femiplex tablet (Charak) 1 tablet thrice daily.
  6. V-gel (Himalaya Drugs) is the only drug available for external application in the dose of 5gm twice daily for 14 days. Abstinence should be maintained.

Other Measures

Diet: Non-vegetarian diet like fish, chicken, eggs should be avoided for some days. Instead fresh greeny vegetables, milk, and ghee should be taken more.

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