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Heart Disease

Heart disease refers to a clinical syndrome characterized by chest pain produced by increased work by the heart. It is caused by obstruction of the coronary arteries mainly by deposition of fat. A reduction in the flow of blood leads to chest pain and heart attack or angina.


Certain risk factors important for causing coronary heart disease are as follows:

  1. Excessive smoking,
  2. Hypertension,
  3. Increased blood cholesterol levels,
  4. Diabetes,
  5. Lack of exercise,
  6. Obesity,
  7. Excessive alcohol consumption,
  8. Mental stress.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Pain in front of chest either on the left, centre or even on the right side. Pain is increased by physical activity. Intermittent pain.
  • Pain may spread to the arms, neck, jaws and even upper part of abdomen.
  • Difficulty in breathing is present in most acute cases and in some chronic cases.
  • Sweating is seen in acute attacks.
  • Irregular heart beat may be seen in some cases.

Herbal Medicines

  1. One clove of garlic should be taken daily once on empty stomach.
  2. Lots of fluids should be taken.
  3. The decoction of sonth should be taken twice daily (30-50ml).
  4. The decoction of bark of neem is also very good for heart diseases.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Arjunarishta is a drug of choice. 15-20ml mixed with equal quantity of water twice daily after meals.
  2. Tab Abana (Himalaya Drugs) 1-2 tab. twice daily acts as a cardioprotective.
  3. Tab Arjunin (Charak) also checks heart diseases especially palpitation etc. Dose is 1-2 pills twice daily.
  4. Jawahar Mohrapisti 120mg taken with khamira twice daily with milk.
Do's & Don'ts
  1. Rest during the day is a must.
  2. Bowels should move regularly.
  3. Morning walks are good.
  4. Stimulants like tea, coffee and alcoholic drinks are very harmful for heart patients.
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