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   Bad Breath
   Bleeding Nose
   Blood in Urine
   Burning Urine
   Cervical Spondylosis
   Cirrhosis of Liver
   Common Cold
   Facial Paralysis
   Hair Fall
   Heart Disease
   Hoarse Voice
   Intestinal Worms
   Irregular Bleeding
   Kidney Stones
   Mouth Ulcers
   Muscle Cramps
   Myopia/Short Sight

Myopia or Short Sight

Myopia or short-sight refers to difficulty in seeing objects at a distance.


Due to the change in the curvature of the refracting surface of the eye or abnormal refractivity of the media of the eye, myopia results. This gives rise to parallel rays transmitted by the objects focussing in front of the retina. The problem is solved by wearing spectacles with concave lens of appropriate curvature. Malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, improper reading habits, prolonged viewing of television or working on computers can lead to myopia.

Herbal Medicines

  1. Triphala powder is a good remedy. It can be used externally as well as internally. The usages are same as in cataract.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Yasti Madhu is the drug of choice for this condition. The powder of this is used one teaspoonful mixed with one teaspoonful of honey and ½ teaspoonful of pure ghee daily on empty stomach twice daily.
  2. Shadbindu Taila is also good for it. 1-2 drops of it should be put "in each nostril and deeply inhaled once in the morning.
Do's & Don'ts
  1. Constipation and nasal congestion should be avoided.
  2. Fried and spicy things are to be avoided.
  3. Cow's ghee should be taken with food.
  4. Strain of eyes should be avoided.
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