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Repeated, noisy intakes of air known as hiccups, are caused by involuntary contractions of the diaphragm.

Hiccuping attacks generally do not last more than a few minutes and are usually only a minor irritation to the sufferer.


Break up the sequence of these involuntary contractions and seek medical aid, if lattack is prolonged or severe.

Herbal Medicines

  1. Ask the affected person to sit quietly and hold his/her breath or give him/her something to drink.
  2. If this is unsuccessful, place a paper bag (not a plastic bag) over the patient's mouth and nose, and ask the person to breathe in and out.
  3. If hiccups persist for more than a few hours, seek medical aid or psychotherapy.
  4. Kulatha in the form of a soup or dal is very useful for hiccups.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. The ash of a peacock feather is the best remedy in this condition. It is available at Ayurvedic stores by name Mayura Chandrika Bhasma. It should be taken in a dose of 5 gm six times a day, mixed with pure honey.
  2. Cardamom is also useful, and the powder of one cardamom seed should be sucked with honey as required.
  3. Eladivati is the drug of choice in this condition in the dose of 1 to 2 tablets crushed and given with honey 4 to 6 times daily.
  4. Sukumar Ghritham can be given in the dose of 1 teaspoonful thrice daily with milk.
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