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The term 'frigidity' is generally used to describe a long term lack of sexual drive and response. It can affect both sexes but is more usually applied to women.


Anxiety about performance is a major turn-off when it comes to sex. Nearly everyone has occasional worries, but these can become exaggerated when one places too much emphasis on the physical, as opposed to the emotional side of love­making.

Conflict within the relationship is another important factor. If a couple is always arguing or one partner is resentful of the other, it can lead to problems in bed.

Equally, if one is very tired or worried about other things in life, it can affect libido. Other causes of frigidity include having been sexually abused as a child, over dependence on parents, depression, fear of pregnancy, and other health problems such as multiple sclerosis, and diabetes.

Signs & Symptoms

Sex drive varies from person to person and fluctuates for all types of reasons.

A serious lack of response is indicated when one continuously avoids love making, or cannot enjoy  it even though the partner is sexually attractive.

Herbal Medicines

Blindly trying to do better in bed is less useful than improving the basic relationship. So, talk with your partner about all your problems, hopes and fears, and try to solve them together.

Still, if one finds it hard to communicate, it is better to consult a doctor and trained counsellor.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Ashwagandha Lehyam is the drug prescribed in this condition. It is a good anti-stressor, nervine and sex tonic, useful for both the partners. Regular use promotes sexual interest in both the partners. Teaspoonfuls of this semi-solid medicine should be taken twice a day with a cup of warm milk. This should be taken for 40 days continuously.
  2. Trasina capsule (Gufic Laboratories) 1 capsule twice daily with water or milk after meals for a month controls frigidity.
  3. Aagosh capsule (Platinum Remedies) in the dose of 1 capsule twice daily taken with warm milk after meals for 6 weeks is a good remedy for frigidity.
  4. Aswal Plus Capsule (Gufic Pharma) 1 capsule once daily produces desired results in 4 to 6 weeks.
  5. Adbac capsule (Uttam) 1 capsule once daily is very useful in improving the stamina thus helping in controlling frigidity.
Do's & Don'ts

A good nutritive as well as tasty diet gives wonderful results in frigidity.

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