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Stroke refers to a clinical condition wherein the blood supply to a part of the brain is suddenly and critically impaired by a blood clot (cerebral thrombosis) or when a ruptured artery leaks blood into the brain (cerebral haemorrhage). The second one is more likely to occur in persons who have high B.P.

In either case, the affected brain cells cease to function.


Each area of the brain controls a different system or part of the body, and the effect of stroke depends on the part/parts of the brain damaged. Major strokes are fatal, but many people make successful recoveries from minor strokes.

Strokes are more common in the persons over 50.

Signs & Symptoms


  • The symptoms and signs may be confused with DRUNKENNESS.
  • There will be sudden and severe headache.
  • A full, bounding pulse is observed.
  • The affected person is disoriented and confused, and may be anxious and weeping.
  • Giddiness and possible unconsciousness may occur.

Depending on the extent of the stroke one or more of the following physical defects may occur:

    • Paralysis of the mouth - the corner of the mouth may droop, saliva may dribble from it, and speech may be slurred.
    • Weakness and decreased sensation in one or both limbs and on one side of the body.
    • Flushed face - hot and dry skin.
    • Pupils may be unequally dilated.
    • Loss of bladder and bowel control.

Herbal Medicines

Homely Aid for a stroke is merely supportive.

If conscious, lay the person down with head and shoulders slightly raised and supported.

Position head on the side to allow saliva to drain from the mouth.

Rush the person to hospital immediately. During convalescing from a stroke however, home and herbal remedies are highly useful and are applied symptomatically.

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