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   Bad Breath
   Bleeding Nose
   Blood in Urine
   Burning Urine
   Cervical Spondylosis
   Cirrhosis of Liver
   Common Cold
   Facial Paralysis
   Hair Fall
   Heart Disease
   Hoarse Voice
   Intestinal Worms
   Irregular Bleeding
   Kidney Stones
   Mouth Ulcers
   Muscle Cramps
   Myopia/Short Sight


Because of excessive and prolonged durations of work, everyone experiences a feeling of complete exhaustion occasionally, which is known as fatigue.


  • Heavy work for prolonged time.
  • Excessive mental activity.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Tiredness or weariness.
  • Slight giddiness may also be felt.
  • Body pains.

Herbal Medicines

Fruits: Fruit juices are generally helpful in this condition.

  1. Grape juice is specially useful as it immediately brings in stamina.
  2. Dates or Khajura are great sources of instant energy. These should be taken regularly along with a glass of milk.
  3. Nutritious food should be taken and fried and junk foods avoided.

Exercise: Improvement of blood circulation is necessary to combat fatigue. This can be achieved by daily exercise routines like brisk walks, gardening, taking up a sport, or swimming.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Ashwagandha churna - 5gms twice a day, well mixed in a glass of milk should be taken regularly. It is a good health supplement.
  2. Geriforte tablet (Himalaya Drugs) 1 tab. twice daily. Not to be used in people with high blood pressure.
  3. Trasina capsule (Dey's) 1 capsule twice daily for 7 days.
  4. Aswal Plus capsule 1 capsule twice daily.
   Painful Periods
   Parkinson's Disease
   Peptic Ulcer
   Poor Memory
   Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
   Premature Ejaculation
   Prickly Heat
   Prostate Enlargement
   Pus in the Ear
   Sore Tongue
   Sun Burn
   Swelling of The Body
   Whooping Cough

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