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   Hair Fall
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Aids/Hiv Positive

Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, popularly known as 'AIDS', is one of the unforgettable diseases of the 20th century, the black shadows of which may continue into the 21st century also. "Acquired" refers to any condition that is not present at birth. "Immuno Deficiency" means the body's immune (defence) system which is not working efficiently. And 'syndrome' refers to the fact that it includes a group or a range of symptoms and signs. This deficiency is a late consequence of infection by the human immuno deficiency virus (HIV).


Follow safe sex practices.

Avoid blood transfusions as far as possible. Insist on disposable syringes & needles while taking injections.


High-risk activities that are able to transmit HIV from one person to another include sexual contact - especially unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse and sharing needles and syringes.

However, HIV is not transmitted by insect bites, nor through kissing, coughing, sneezing or sharing a toilet!

Signs & Symptoms

There are many opportunistic infections which may infect the individual and symptoms and signs manifest depending on the system or systems involved and the symptoms are varied and numerous. They include fevers, sweats, cough, diarrhoea, herpes infection, dry itchy skin etc.

Herbal Medicines

Persons with AIDS or HIV + can expect progress in therapy in the near future.

However some antiviral herbs, which strengthen the inner defence system of the body are given below.

Herbal Remedies

Daily intake of some herbs for very long periods, may be helpful for some HlV+ people in slowing down the onset of AIDS, just like AZT, a costly drug. These wonder home remedies are two holy plants tulsi, bilva (bael fruit) and one common bulb popularly known as the "heal-all" bulb i.e., garlic. All these are well known antiviral agents and rejuvenatives.

  1. Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum): A tsf of juice extracted from tender leaves should be taken daily on empty stomach early in the morning. This strengthens the entire respiratory system, generally targeted by HIV.
  2. Bel fruit (Aegle marmelos): Specially found in holy places like temples, the fruits are highly useful especially the half-ripe fruit. The fruit pulp should be dried and powdered. 1 tsf of the powder along with some water should be taken after meals. This protects the digestive system from invasion by HIV.
  3. Garlic (Lahsun) (Allium sativum): One piece of a garlic bulb should be taken and the outer layers and inner pedicel removed. It should then be crushed and added to a glass of pure milk. The milk should be boiled on moderate fire till the milk is reduced to ¼ glass. This should be taken with little bit of sugar at bed time daily. This is a wonder rejuvenative and builds up the body mass and weight and is a good antiviral.
   Painful Periods
   Parkinson's Disease
   Peptic Ulcer
   Poor Memory
   Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
   Premature Ejaculation
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