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Hair Fall and Greying of Hair

Hair fall and greying of hair at an early stage of life can be very embarassing, especially for young girls and boys who develop a feeling of social stigma.


Inadequate nutrition is the main causative factor for hairfall and greying of hair in the lower classes. Sometimes even a partial lack of B­vitamins and folic acid leads to hair fall and baldness. In such cases hair regrows after treatment with vitamins.

Stress, worry, and anxiety are the important psychological factors, especially in youngsters for these disorders.

Chronic diseases like anaemia, cold, flu, syphilis, tuberculosis, and radiation therapy also account for hair loss and baldness.

Conditions like psoriasis, dandruff and other fungal infections also cause hair loss considerably.

Sometimes a heriditary factor runs in the family members, which remains unresponsive to any kind of treatment.

Herbal Medicines

  1. First and foremost, the scalp of the affected person should be energetically massaged daily for 10 to 15 minutes with fingers, after cleaning it with water. This mechanical action activates the hair follicles by ensuring blood circulation, and warms up the scalp.
  2. Amla Hair Oil: Amla hair oil can be made at home itself, by adding fresh juice of Indian gooseberries to pure coconut oil. This should be boiled till the Amla juice is completely absorbed in the oil. This oil should be applied after the above said massage.
  3. The powder of amla and Bhringaraj is also used internally in a dose of one teaspoonful thrice daily with milk or water.
  4. The pulp of amla and mango mixed together is used externally on the scalp.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Some medicated hair oil available over the counter for hair fall are:
    • Neeli Bhringamalaka Tailam
    • Bhringaraj Tailam
    • Brahmi Amla Kesha Tailam

    Anyone of these oils should be applied onto the scalp, twice a week at bedtime. Regular washing of the hair with shikakai is a must and soap should be avoided. Greying of hair and hair fall stops in many cases, after 2 to 3 months usage of these oils.

  2. Combination of Bhringaraj churna ½ teaspoonful thrice daily and Bhringaraj capsule, one capsule twice daily with water after meals along with Bhringaraj Tailam locally yields very good results.
  3. Shad Bindu Tailam is used for inhalation (Nasya) once daily for 1 to 2 months.
  4. Neem oil is also used for inhalation twice daily for about a month. Along with this only milk is taken in the diet.
  5. Triphala Churna taken 5 to 10gm at bedtime with milk or water for a long time can prove very effective in curing greying and falling of hair.
  6. Hair sure oil (Platinum Remedies) is also very good.
  7. Sesa oil (Ban) proves very useful if used for 3 months.
Do's & Don'ts

For Baldness

After regular rubbing of the scalp as stated earlier a special oil HAIR RICH OIL should be applied on the scalp and rubbed further, till scalp becomes warm. This promotes hair to regrow, though slowly.

Proper diet, peace of mind, and healthy lifestyle components as detailed in the chapter 'TIPS FOR POSITIVE HEALTH' are essential in these conditions of premature greying, hair fall, and baldness.

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