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Headache is probably the most common complaint, yet it is difficult to define or treat accurately, that is why in the medical world very often it is repeated that treatment of headache is quite a headache for the doctor. Even though a good majority of headaches are quite harmless, a few ones may indicate a grave disorder like a brain tumour. As such one should consult a competent doctor, in case the headache is continuous and not responding to common remedies.


The causes are so varied that it is often difficult to locate the exact cause, or the physical or emotional problem at the root of the trouble, such as various kinds of tension, fatigue, anxiety or emotional upsets.

In some instances, the headache may reflect some disorder of infection settled somewhere in the body, or accompany a problem affecting the eyes, sinuses, teeth or neck.

Signs & Symptoms

The headache experienced can vary in intensity from mild discomfort to very severe, stabbing pain.

Herbal Medicines

Heena: The tender flowers of Henna should be rubbed to a pasty consistency and applied over the forehead for relief.

Jalebi: An easily available sweet, it is of great help in headache. Immerse 2 to 3 jalebis in a glass of warm milk for a few minutes, then drink the mixture once or twice a day.

Cinnamon: It can be used for external application. A fine paste of this spice should be made by adding few drops of water on a stone. This has to be applied over the temples and forehead to obtain relief.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Sootasekhara Rasa 1 tablet along with 3gm of Sitopaladi Churna, should be taken twice a day with a cup of warm milk. This resolves all routine headaches.
  2. Godanti Mishran, a readymade compound drug available in tablet form, can be taken orally twice a day with some lukewarm water.
  3. Pathyadi Quatham, an oral liquid, 15ml twice a day with equal water is also a good remedy.
  4. Many pain balms available in the market are Ayurvedic drugs. As such they can also be tried for external applications.
  5. Shirshuladi Vajra Ras is very useful in general headache.
  6. Cephagraine tablet (Charak) 1 tablet thrice daily for 2 weeks along with cephagraine nasal drops 2 to 4 drops before sunrise give immediate relief even in cases of migraine.

Other Measures

Diet: Affected persons should avoid cold items like curd, ice creams, cold water, cold drinks and should not take bath in cold water, or get exposed to cold climatic conditions as this may aggravate the headache.

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