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Good teeth are the indication of good health, but often these are prone to infections, as these are overused and exposed to a variety of food and drinks. Toothache is a most common complaint.


The chief cause of tooth-ache is decay of teeth, resulting from bad eating habits like over-indulgence in sweets, ice creams, soft drinks, sour things and sugar items. Bacteria present in the mouth cavity break sugar down into acids, which interact with the calcium in the enamel to cause decay or erosion.

Signs & Symptoms

Tooth-ache may be constant throughout the day and night or it may occur now and then for a short period depending on the degree of dental damage. The character of the pain may be dull, sharp, shooting or radiating towards ears, and head. Severe headache may also follow.

Herbal Medicines

Apply a hot water bag or ice bag to the side of the face - whichever gives most relief.

  1. Clove Oil is the standard home remedy. A few drops should be applied twice or thrice a day with the help of sterilized cotton swabs.
  2. An antiseptic lotion for gargling can also be used as required. This can be prepared by mixing 5ml each of clove oil and eucalyptus oil, some menthol and sufficient water.
  3. Garlic is an effective home remedy for toothache. A paste prepared from one or two garlic cloves and a little bit of salt should be applied on the affected tooth. Garlic is a good pain-killer, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent.
  4. Onion also contains the above properties, and a small piece of onion can be placed in the affected area.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Triphala Churna - 10 grams of the powder should be soaked in a glass full of hot water for some time. Once this solution becomes lukewarm it should be used for gargling purpose. If used regularly, it not only reduces the pain but also prevents further decay of teeth.
  2. Kanchanara Guggul, in doses of 2 pills twice a day, gives relief from inflammation.
  3. 'Gum tone' tooth powder, if used regularly, prevents dental problems.
  4. lrimedadi Taila is the specific Ayurvedic remedy for dental problems. This should be applied externally on the affected teeth.

The items enumerated as causative factors above, should be avoided.

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