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Prickly Heat

It is an acute form of rash associated with excessive sweating, especially during humid climate.


It is mainly caused due to clogging of sweat pores by application of talcum powder, creams, dirt (not bathing regularly and properly) or due to wearing of non-absorbent clothes which prevent evaporation of sweat.

Sings & Symptoms

It consists of small superficial eruptions which look like grain of sand. It affects almost any part of the body. Itching, burning sensation discomfort and sometimes bacterial infections (pus formation) may accompany.

Herbal Medicines

  1. Grapes and its juice should be taken 200rnl daily.
  2. Plenty of buttermilk should be, consumed.
  3. Dhania is a popular remedy of it. A cold infusion of it is taken 50ml, twice daily.
  4. Dab (coconut water) should be taken on empty stomach.
  5. Sattu mixed with water and a pinch of sugar gives immediate relief.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Parval pish 250mgm is taken twice daily with honey.
Do's & Don'ts

Exposure to fresh air and daily bath helps both in preventing and curing this condition.

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