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Bed-wetting means involuntary urination in bed at night. Children generally after the age of 3-4 years gain control over the bladder, but in some children, this mechanism somehow is not strengthened and they pass urine in bed involuntarily. This phenomenon continues even upto 15-20 years of age, putting the teenagers in an embarrassing situation. Boys outnumber girls in this problem.


'Bed-wetting' can happen due to physical and emotional causative factors. Infection in the urinary system i.e., in the bladder or kidney or a structural defect in the tract, or sometimes thread worms in the stool may also cause the problem.

The psychological factors involved are emotional immaturity, shyness, conflicts between parents, fear, rivalry among children, problem of adjustment in school and feeling of insecurity.

Signs & Symptoms

Involuntary urination in bed at night.

Herbal Medicines

  1. A teaspoonful of pure honey should be given to the child before going to bed.
  2. Sarshapa i.e., Sarson powder, well mixed in a cup of milk, if given at night before going to bed, stops the wetting.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  1. Shilajitvadi Vati ½ tablet twice a day with some warm milk usually gives good results.
  2. Chandraprabha Vati is also a good remedy in this condition. ½ tablet twice a day is given.
  3. Neo tablet (Charak) in the dose of 1 to 2 tablets twice daily for two to three months gives good results.
Do's & Don'ts
  1. The child/teenager should not be scolded in the evening or before going to bed.
  2. He should be asked to urinate before going to bed.
  3. Oral liquids like milk, water etc., should be restricted after 4 p.m.
  4. Food items like potato, spicy food, etc., should not be given, as these cause gas formation.
  5. Evening walks should be encouraged.
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