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Yellow Dock

(S) Amla vetasa

Part Used: root

Energetics: bitter, astringent/cooling/pungent PK- V+

Tissues: plasma, blood

Systems: circulatory, urinary, lymphatic

Actions: alterative, astringent, laxative, antipyretic

Indications: toxic conditions of the blood, skin eruptions, swollen glands, glandular tumors, venereal diseases, hemorrhoids, stomach acidity

Precautions: emaciation, high Vata

Preparation: decoction, powder (250 to 500 mg)

YELLOW DOCK is a good general cleanser of blood and lymph, rasa and rakta dhatus; it is good for most toxic conditions of the circulatory system. A major herb for reducing high Pitta, it relieves toxic heat and clears infections, thereby reducing pain and inflammation. It contains large amounts of iron and can help build the blood, but it is mainly for a Pitta-kind of anemia (where bile thins the blood). In a Vata-kind of anemia, with chill and dryness in the blood, it will only cause further weakness. Yellow dock also has value in clearing and promoting cerebral circulation.

It is related to rhubarb root (also called amla vetasa in Sanskrit), which shares its properties, but is a stronger purgative. Together and with other herbs, they can be used effectively for therapeutic purgation (virechana)-for cutting off accumulated Pitta at the root.

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