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Solomon's Seal

(S) Meda, Mahmeda

(C) Yu zhu

Part Used: rhizome

Energetics: sweet/ cooling/ sweet VPK= K or Ama+ (in excess)

Tissues: works on all tissue-elements, particularly blood, bone and reproductive

Systems: reproductive, respiratory, digestive

Actions: nutritive tonic, rejuvenative, aphrodisiac, demulcent, expectorant, hemostatic

Indications: debility, infertility, impotence, chronic bleeding disorders, diabetes, consumption, dry cough, dehydration, malnutrition, burning sensation, broken bones, inflamed mucous membranes

Precautions: severe congestion, high Ama

Preparation: decoction, milk decoction, powder (250 mg to 1 g), paste

Several different varieties of the Polygonatum species are used medicinally throughout the world, mainly for their demulcent and nutritive properties. There are European and American varieties as well as Indian and Chinese. All possess fairly similar powers. They are part of the many tonic and rejuvenative herbs of the lily family, including the onions and the lily itself. There is a special group of eight plant roots, ashtavarga, most in the lily family, famous in Layered medicine for promoting fertility, enhancing spermatogenesis, increasing lactation, and healing chronic wasting diseases like tuberculosis and weakness of the blood.

SOLOMON'S SEAL possesses demulcent and nutritive properties like slippery elm or comfrey root and can be used similarly. As a rejuvenative and aphrodisiac, it is superior. Taken internally, it helps heal broken bones. It is tonic to Pitta and vata and to shukra dhatu (semen and reproductive tissue).

As a nutritive tonic, three grams of the powder may be taken twice a day mixed with warm milk and a teaspoon of ghee (clarified butter).

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