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(S) Dadima

Part Used: fruit rind, rootbark, fruit

Energetics: astringent, bitter (fruit rind and rootbark); sweet, sour (fruit)/ cooling/ sweet sweet variety is said to alleviate all three doshas, the sour variety may aggravate Pitta; the common pomegranate is the sweet variety and may increase Ama

Tissues: plasma, blood, muscle, marrow and nerve

Systems: digestive, circulatory

Actions: astringent tonic, alterative, hemostatic, anthelmintic, refrigerant, stomachic

Indications: worms (round, pin, particularly tape), sore throat, ulcers, colitis, diarrhea, dysentery, prolapse of rectum or vagina, leucorrhea, conjunctivitis, anemia, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis

Precautions: constipation

Preparation: decoction, powder (250 to 500 mg), fresh juice, paste

The POMEGRANATE tree is an excellent pharmacy in itself. The rootbark is a strong anthelmintic, taken as a decoction with a little cloves, followed by a purgative every second or third day to dispel the Worms (such treatment may continue for 10 days or more). The fruit rind is better for usage as an astringent and anti-inflammatory herb for the mucous membranes. The fresh juice has stronger tonic properties, particularly for the blood and for Pitta.

The fruit rind powder may be used as a douche for leucorrhea; the paste can be used externally for sores, ulcers, hemorrhoids. The juice is good for promoting digestion and all parts have stomachic properties, which can be augmented with small amounts of cinnamon and cloves.

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