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(S) Bola

(C) Mu yao

Part Used: Resin

Energetics: bitter, astringent, pungent, sweet/heating/pungent KV- P+ (in excess)

Tissues: works on all tissue-elements

Systems: circulatory, reproductive, nervous, lymphatic, respiratory

Actions: alterative, emmenagogue, astringent, expectorant, antispasmodic, rejuvenative, analgesic, antiseptic

Indications: amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menopause, cough, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, rheumatism, traumatic injuries, ulcerated surfaces, anemia, pyorrhea

Precautions: high Pitta

Preparation: infusion, powder (250 mg to 1 g), pill, paste

MYRRH is one of the most famous and ancient substances used for preventing decay, reversing the aging process and rejuvenating body and mind. It is closely related to the guggul of Ayurvedic medicine, an important Ayurvedic rasayana. Myrrh similarly is a rejuvenative for Vata and Kapha, but it works more specifically on the blood and the female reproductive system; guggul possesses a stronger action on the nerves. Myrrh helps dispel old and stagnant blood from the uterus, and aids in new tissue growth. It catalyzes healing of sores and wounds, while stopping pain. It also helps dispel repressed emotions, as its purifying action extends to the subtle body.

Myrrh possesses true tonic, stimulant and rejuvenative powers along with strong detoxifying effects. As such, it is a more powerful and balanced herb than golden seal and other bitter detoxifiers, which weaken the body in long term usage. Yet it is not as effective as these in acute conditions.

Frankincense or Olibanum, Boswellia carterii, has very similar properties also, but has a slightly stronger action on the lungs and the nervous system.

As a general tonic for Vata or Kapha or for the female reproductive system, two '00' capsules of myrrh can be taken three times a day.

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