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Mug Wort

(S) Nagadanmani

(C) Ai ye

Part Used: herb

Energetics: bitter, pungent/heating/pungent VK- P+ (in excess)

Tissues: skin, blood, muscles, marrow and nerve

Systems: circulatory, female reproductive, nervous, digestive, respiratory

Actions: emmenagogue, antispasmodic, hemostatic, diaphoretic, anthelmintic, antiseptic

Indications: dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, infertility, preventive for miscarriage, sciatica, convulsions, hysteria, epilepsy, depression, mental exhaustion, insomnia, gout, rheumatism, fungal infections

Precautions: high Pitta, uterine infection or inflammation

Preparation: infusion (do not overboil), powder (250 to 500 mg)

Various members of the Artemesia species are used medicinally throughout the world, including mugwort, wormwood, southernwood, and the sagebrush of the Great Basin region. All possess similar properties as bitter aromatics. Of these, mugwort is the better emmenagogue; wormwood is better for killing worms and strengthening digestion; and sagebrush appears to be a better diaphoretic. They are particularly good for sama Vata conditions, such as arthritis or for nervous conditions owing to obstructed Vata.

MUGWORT warms the lower abdomen and fortifies the uterus. It regulates menstruation, relieves menstrual cramping and headaches, and strengthens the fetus. It opens and purifies the channels (the circulatory and nervous system), and relieves pain. It can be used with ginger and pennyroyal to promote menstruation blocked by nervous tension. Externally it can be used as a wash for fungal and other skin infections, or as a douch (infusion) for vaginal yeast infections.

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