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Hibiscus Flowers

(S) Japa, strengthens devotion in japa, repetition of the mantra

Part Used: flowers

Energetics: astringent, sweet/ cooling/ sweet PK- V+ (in excess)

Tissues: blood, plasma, muscles, marrow and nerve, reproductive

Systems: circulatory, female reproductive, nervous

Actions: alterative, hemostatic, refrigerant, emmenagogue, demulcent, antispasmodic

Indications: dysmennorhea, menorrhagia, painful urination, cystitis, cough, fever; venereal diseases, toxins in blood

Precautions: severe chills, high Vata

Preparation: infusion (cold or hot), powder (250 mg to 1 g)

HIBISCUS FLOWERS are good for first and second chakra disorders, such as problems of the kidneys and reproductive systems due to heat, congestion and contraction. They make a good summer beverage to reduce heat and fever; 1/4 ounce of the flowers let set in one pint cool water.

Hibiscus flowers are sacred to Ganesh, the elephant god, the god of wisdom who destroys all obstacles and grants the realization of all goals, who dwells in the first or root chakra. They help make mantras fruitful, give siddhis (occult powers) and enhance attention in meditation. They are an important part of all pujas (devotional ceremonies) and have a similar energy to lotus flowers and rose flowers, the last of which they combine well with for most purposes.

Hibiscus flowers help purify the blood and the heart, physically and spiricually, and they also improve skin complexion and promote hair growth. They are effective in menstrual difficulties, particularly excessive bleeding.

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