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Golden Seal

Part Used: rhizome

Energetics: Bitter, astringent/cooling/pungent PK- V+

Tissues: plasma, blood

Systems: digestive, circulatory, lymphatic

Actions: bitter tonic, antipyretic, alterative, antibiotic, antibacterial, antiseptic, laxative

Indications: jaundice, hepatitis, diabetes, obesity, ulcers, infectious fever, malaria, swollen glands and lymphatics, hemorrhoids, eczema, pyorrhea, menorrhagia, leucorrhea

Precautions: emaciation, neurasthenia, vertigo, chronic debility, (prolonged usage should be less than 3 gms. per day)

Preparation: decoction, powder (100 to 500 mg), paste (externally)

GOLDEN SEAL is a good herbal antibiotic, antibacterial and antiseptic agent. It destroys yeast and bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and clears the flora. Its strong detoxifying action extends throughout the circulatory system as well. It sedates and regulates liver and spleen
function, along with sugar and fat metabolism, reducing toxins and excess tissue from the body. It purifies the mucous membranes and is good for all catarrhal conditions.

However, it is not a panacea for all diseases. It has a negative impact on good intestinal flora and has many of the contraindications of antibiotic drugs (it is good to use in place of them). It is contraindicated in most defidency conditions, most conditions where a nurturing therapy is appropriate.

For deep-seated fevers it can be combined with hot herbs like ginger or black pepper. As an astringent gargle or mouthwash it can be used with myrrh.

It is perhaps the strongest anti-Pitta herb available in this country.

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