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Fennel Seeds

(S) Shatapushpa, what possesses a hundred flowers

(C) Xiao hue xiang

Part Used: fruit (seeds)

Energetics: sweet, pungent/cooling (slightly)/sweet VPK=

Tissues: plasma, blood, muscles, marrow

Systems: digestive, nervous, urinary

Actions: carminative, stomachic, stimulant, diuretic, antispasmodic

Indications: indigestion, low agni, abdominal pain, cramps or gas, difficult or burning urination, children's colic

Precautions: a good general herb and spice for all constitutions

Preparation: infusion, powder (250 to 500 mg)

FENNEL SEEDS are one of the best herbs for digestion, strengthening Agni without aggravating Pitta, stopping cramping and dispelling flatulence. They can be taken roasted after meals, one teaspoon, by themselves or with rock salt. They combine well with cumin and coriander as three cooling spices. Fennel seeds are excellent for digestive weakness in children or in the elderly. They are calming to the nerves, their aroma acts upon the mind and promotes mental alertness. For urinary problems, they combine well with coriander. Fennel can be used for digestive weakness where hot spices and peppers might overheat or overstimulate.

They work to stop the griping of purgatives and can also help promote menstruation and to promote milk flow for nursing mothers.

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