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Cayenne Pepper

(S) Marichi-phalam, fruit of the sun, like black pepper (marich), it contains large amounts of solar energy,

Part Used: fruit

Energetics: pungent/heating/pungent KV- P+

Tissues: plasma, blood, some action on marrow, nerves and reproductive

Systems: digestive, circulatory, respiratory

Actions: Stimulant, diaphoretic, expectorant, carminative, alterative, hemostatic, anthelmintic

Indications: indigestion, Ama, poor absorption, abdominal distention, worms, sinus congestion, chronic chill, poor circulation

Precautions: ulcers, gastritis, enteritis, inflammatory conditions of the g.i. tract generally speaking, irritant to mucous membranes

Preparation: infusion, powder (low dosage, 100 to 500 mg)

According to Ayurveda, CAYENNE is not a panacea, though it is a very valuable medicine. It is a strong stimulant, both circulatory and digestive, and a strong dispeller of internal and external cold. It is food for Agni. However, cayenne can aggravate inflammatory conditions in the body. Although it is not to be used indiscriminately, it does enhance the properties of many other herbs.

Cayenne has strong hemostatic action and can be used in acute condition to stop bleeding. However, long term usage of cayenne can promote hemorrhaging by its heating property. It is helpful in cases of heart weakness or heart attack for revival purposes, but it can also aggravate high Pitta, which causes some heart attacks.

Cayenne can be used with other herbs wherever stimulant action is required. It is particularly effective in burning toxins from the colon. It has similar properties to black pepper but is stronger in short term usage and weaker in long term effect. Its quality is rajasic and so it may increase disturbance in the mind if used too much.

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