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(S) Ela
(C) Sha ren

Part Used: seed

Energetics: pungent, sweet/heating/pungent VK- P+ (in excess)

Tissues: plasma, blood, marrow and nerve

Systems: digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous

Actions: stimulant, expectorant, carminative, stomachic, diaphoretic

Indications: colds. cough, bronchitis, asthma, hoarse voice, loss of taste, poor absorption, indigestion

Precautions: ulcers, high Pitta

Preparation: infusion (do not boil), powder (100 to 500 mg), milk decoction

CARDAMOM is one of the best and safest digestive stimulants. It awakens the spleen, stimulates samana vayu, enkindles Agni and removes Kapha from the stomach and lungs. It stimulates the mind and heart and gives clarity and joy. Added to milk it neutralizes its mucus forming properties and it detoxifies caffein in coffee. Its quality is sattvic and it is particularly good for opening and soothing the flow of the pranas in the body.

Cardamom is good for the nervous digestive upset of children or of high Vata and in this regard combines well with fennel. It helps stop vomiting, belching, or acid regurgitation.

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