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(S) Katphala

Pan Used: bark, fruit

Energetics: pungent, astringent/heating/pungent KV- P+

Tissues: plasma, blood, marrow and nerve

Systems: respiratory, nervous, circulatory, lymphatic

Actions: diaphoretic, expectorant, astringent, emetic, antispasmodic, alterative

Indications: colds, flus, laryngitis, sinus and nasal congestion, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, adenoids, fever, bleeding gums, chronic sores, epilepsy

Precautions: high Pitta, hyperacidity, hypertension

Preparation: decoction, powder (250 mg to 1 g), paste

BAYBERRY is a powerful anti-Kapha medicine. It dispels colds, mucus, cleanses the lymphatics and promotes emesis, all of which subdues high Kapha. It improves the voice, opens the mind and senses and clears the sinuses. Bayberry is a primary diaphoretic for colds and flus and works well with cinnamon and ginger. As an effective medicine for sore throats, spongy gums, it may be gargled. It can be "snuffed" nasally or smoked to clear the lungs and sinuses. It decongests Vata in the head and strengthens Prana. Bayberry promotes the healing of mucous membranes and when used as a paste or wash, it is good for old wounds and sores that do not heal.

Bayberry is sacred to Shiva and Shakti. Bayberry fruit is offered to Durga. The dry skin of the fruit is smoked to help calm the mind and open perception. Its quality is sattvic. It is one of the best herbs for the initial stage of diseases and mobilizes the defensive energy of the body.

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