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(S) Kumari, a young girl or virgin; aloe is so called because it imparts the energy of youth and brings about the renewal of the female nature.

(C) Lu hui

Part Used: gel (fresh or powdered)

Energetics: bitter, astringent, pungent, sweet/cooling/ sweet VPK = (gel), powder except in very low dosages will aggravate V

Tissues: works on all tissues

Systems: circulatory, digestive, female reproductive, excretory

Actions: alterative, bitter tonic, rejuvenative, emmenagogue, purgative, vulnerary

Indications: fever, constipation, obesity, inflammatory skin conditions, swollen glands, conjunctivitis, bursitis, jaundice, hepatitis, enlarged liver or spleen, herpes, venereal diseases, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menopause, vaginitis, tumors, intestinal worms

Precautions: pregnancy, uterine bleeding

Preparation: fresh gel, powder (100 to 500 mg)

ALOE gel is a wonderful tonic for the liver and spleen, for the blood and the female reproductive system. Aloe regulates sugar and fat metabolism and tonifies all the agnis, the digestive enzymes of the body; and at the same time it reduces Pitta. It is rejuvenative for Pitta and for the uterus. Two teaspoons of it can be taken three times a day, with a pinch of turmeric, as a general tonic. It is more palatable mixed with water or apple juice. Or three ounces of the gel can be taken from a fresh plant along with three ounces of water, three teaspoons of salt, brought to a boil and combined with one ounce of raw sugar and taken in teaspoonful doses. Commercial aloe juices are often diluted and combined with other additives that may give them a different effect.

As a nutritive tonic, aloe can be combined with shatavari, as a bitter tonic with gentian, and as an alterative and emmenagogue with manjishta. The fresh juice can be applied externally for burns, sores, herpes, etc.

Aloe powder is a powerful laxative that must be used in small amounts. The powder's taste is nauseating and so it should be taken in capsules. The powder can also cause severe griping and should be taken with a carmmative herb lIke turmenc or rose flowers.

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